Wednesday, 23 January 2008

2nd Drop 003 - Clouds out now!

A. Mighty Eyeball Rays
AA. Natural Marcus - Talks of the Prejudiced (Clouds Version)


Released 21st Jan 2008

In all good record shops!
But my fav is this one...

Finish production duo Clouds aka Dead-O and Samuli, deliver two incredible tunes for UK based 2nd Drop Records. Joining the roster that includes Ramadanman and Rusko, Clouds offer two counterpoint styles on one 12". Mighty Eyeball Rays is a glitchy, chopped and snorted typhoon, with a drop of gritty distorted grunt liable to break chest cavities in one. In contrast, their version of roots singer Natural Marcus' socially agitated Talks of the Prejudiced starts off in faithful steppers style, only to descend into a klaxon-call wall of sound, which ducks and weaves back into the vocal, only to drop a second time to scare the living shit out of all and sundry.

Trainspotter's note: the record's illustration was hand drawn by Samuli. Nice.

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