Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Falty DL - Bravery (Planet Mu) Album Review

Still deep within the grooves of Drew Lustman’s debut album for Planet Mu, Love Is a Liability continues to dominate the audio tapestry of my life. Released in July, his debut marked an emergence of a interesting new talent from New York, here was a producer with a toe in the world of dubstep, but actually, much like Burial, is much more than that. So, it was a little surprising to hear that there was a new album dropping in October.

Entitled Bravery, the mood is darker, morehttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=4977582656427216755 dissonant than his previous material. There is an overt sense of progression in both the sound and production; the record pulses forward, none more so urgently than on Tronman, an epic, rolling beast of eerie, panning synths and wailing soul vocal snippets. The intensity is only heightened on Play Child, which has a charged air of Axelrod about it. Mother Beam wonks and samples its way around – Nas’s It Ain’t Hard To Tell sneaks in sporadically. Title track Bravery is some space age, wigged out p-funk, alongside Discant, rife with Herbie Hancock harmonies and Roy Ayres strings. Whilst Pressure jacks a ton of speed and creates hyper funk, opening track Made Me Feel So Right is the most beautifully discordant piece; mournful, stinking of decay and perfect for the post-Burial blues. Album of the year? Quite possibly.