Friday, 19 October 2007

2nd Drop Radio Show

After a number of guest slots on Sub FM, React Fm and Streamizm it was only a matter of time before 2nd Drop Records snaffled its own show.

So kickin off - Bi weekly Monday's 6-8pm on SUB FM

Starting this Monday (22nd Oct 07) with some exclusive new tunes, pushing some new artists, playing lickle bit of old stuff from a variety of genres in the golden shower hour aka The Randomiser, radio battleships and generally havin a bit of mischief.

Lock on for other news, views and maybe some interviews - guest MC's, DJs and scenesters - who knows who'll be pass thru.


001 Ramadanman - Good Feelin B/W The Woon - OUT NOW
002 Rusko - William H Tonkers B/W Roma - OUT NOW
003 Clouds - A. Mighty Eyeball Rays - NOV 26th
Healing of the Nation - AA. Talks of the Prejudiced (Clouds Version)

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