Friday, 2 November 2007

November Top Ten pt 1

There is so much good music coming out of the dubstep scene right now...different angles, influences, textures....But i have to say that there is a heavy roots thread running through my selection this month. Check the 2nd Drop Radio Show this Monday 5th Nov from 6-8pm on to hear the below in full audio glory!!!!

In no particular order....

Healing of the Nation - Talks of the Prejudiced (Clouds version) 2nd Drop
Sully Shanks - Give Me Up (LD Remix) 2nd Drop
Templer - Black Story Dub
Somejerk - Lack of Sleep Dub
Rusko - Snes (The Others Remix) Dub Police
Dark Angel - Cool N Humble (Untold Remix) Boka Dub
Goldfinger - Contact 2nd Drop
Mala - Demons Disfigured Dubz
Swing Dat Skirt - LD Ringo Dub
Quest - Paradise Found Deep Medi Dub

Special request 7" ->
Butch Cassidy Soundsystem - Radioactive Red Hook

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somejerk said...

thanks for the mentioning of my tune. i've got a ton more stuff being finished now. i'll have to send you my new stuff some time this week!