Friday, 15 February 2008

Feb 08 Top Ten

^^A glorious February afternoon in London- setting the vibe nicely^^

After a slow start to 2008, both on my part and lack of top quality tunage, i've now managed to cobble together my latest top ten. And all is FIYA!!!!

In no particular order:

Benga - Diary of and Afro Warrior CD & LP (Forthcoming Tempa)
Desto - Cold (Unreleased)
Peveralist - Infinity Is Now (Forthcoming Tectonic)
Cyrus - Whispers (Forthcoming Random Trio)
Distance - V (Forthcoming Chestplate)
TRG - Broken Heart - Martyn DCM Remix (Forthcoming Hessle Audio)
Sully Shanks - Give Me Up - LD Remix (Forthcoming 2nd Drop)
Rusko - Soundguy Target (Unreleased)
Scuba - A Mutual Antipathy (Forthcoming Hotflush LP)
Clouds - Sitting and Watching (Unreleased)

Non-dubstep extra:
Lucy Hawkins - Gotta Get Out Of Here (SAM Records)

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