Tuesday, 7 October 2008

October Top Ten

(One needs a sweep over in the winter time - that's me on the left btw)

In no particular order:

Skream – One For The Heads Who Remember (Forthcoming Tempa)
Alys Blaze & Mr Lager – Tell Me (Forthcoming Subfreq)
Distance – Victim Support (Forthcoming Chestplate)
LD – Green Ranger (Forthcoming 2nd Drop)
LV ft Errol Bellot – Don’t Judge (Unreleased)
Ramadanman – Humber (Forthcoming Soul Jazz)
Gemmy – Supligen (Unreleased)
MBP - Mr Manchurian (Unreleased)
RSD – Forward Youth (Forthcoming Tectonic)
Benny Page & Zero G – Trigger Finger (Unreleased)

Extra dubstep-free track:
Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Love (Greensleeves)

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