Saturday, 21 February 2009

New 2nd Drop - 23hz & Numaestro - Zumo

Hot off the heals (well for us anyway) of LD's Green Ranger 12", comes the ex-pat Barca crew, 23Hz & Numaestro (aka Relocate).

Skream (Tempa/ Rinse FM) - “Two deep bombs”
Breakage (Digital Soundbwoy) - “Zumo’s got a wicked vibe to it. BAD!”
Bunzer0 (Sub FM) - “I love them!”

DJ support includes Sully (2nd Drop), Atki2 (Werk), Dave Q (Dubwar), Phillip Sherburne (Pitchfork/ Wire), Furiouz (Sub FM) and Rob Da Bank (Radio One)

Like many legendary duo’s - Ike and Tina, Torvil and Dean, Hue and Cry - the chemistry is all-important. And for 23hz & Numaestro it’s no different. The ex pat Barcelona residents are a blend of super techy engineer (23hz) with experienced DJ (Numaestro) whose joint musical journey has mutated through hip hop, soul, drum and bass and techno, into dubstep via UKG and the early sounds of Groove Chronicles, EL-B and Horsepower, is precisely what gives their sound its probing and hypnotic quality. This their third dubstep release, after previous tracks on Bristol based Immerse and as their alter-ego Relocate, Zumo and Fantasmas is already getting props from key players in 2009.

Zumo kicks off the A side, a wailing banshee impregnated with a filter-bomb, rides atop a bulging sub and pulsing electro refrain which nags and rolls with hypnotic effect, a tell tale sign of the duo’s production style. It’s not all about bangers! And these guys know how to develop a mood and pocket of rhythm up their with Digital Mystikz.

Fantasmas on the flip is a bassbin destroyer! The phrase “how low can you go” should have originated from this track. A bouncing bassline that could have been stolen from a grotty jungle record dominates, accompanied by a haunting Mediterranean-infused vocal refrain.

As always, 2nd Drop commission some fresh and totally bespoke artwork, with this release designed by Portuguese illustrator, Uiu

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