Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sub FM Monday 9th March 2009

Available on iTunes and Sub FM archive

The Dramatics – In The Rain (Volt)
J-88 – The Look of Love – JDilla remix (Groove Attack)
John Robinson – Don King (Fat Beats)
Lashley – Lash Beat (Unreleased)
Bullion – Time For Us All To Love (One Handed Music)
Wynd Chimes – Baby You’re The One (Lotus Land)
Michagan & Smiley – Diseases (Greensleeves)
Micky Simpson - Don’t Cry Version (Original Music)
Horsepower Productions – Damn It (Tempa)
2562 – Kontrol (Tectonic)
RSD – Kingfisher (Earwax)
Lo:Tek – Timewarp (Unreleased)
Skream – The Shinein (Deep Medi)
Synkro – Music Makers (Z-Audio)
Compound One – Get Loose (Compound One)
Joe – Rut (Hessle Audio)
Guido – Orchestral Lab (Punch Drunk)
Gemmy – Wata Down Sound (Unreleased)
Joker – Digidesign (Hyperdub)
Reso & ID – Shifty (Civil)
Cluekid – Soul Vibe (White)
L Wiz – Prayer Room (Red Volume)
Untold – Dante (Hotflush)
Ramadanman – Revenue (2nd Drop)
Fantastic Mr Fox – Plimsoul (Hemlock)
Zinc – Submarine (Bingo)
Shed – Warped Minds (Ostgut Tonträger)

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