Saturday, 18 July 2009

Silkie City Limits Launch Parteeee

Silkie celebrates the launch of his brilliant debut album on Deep Media Musik (see review below) at Corsica Studios on Thursday 23rd July. The line up is:

Harry Craze
& support from Antisocial

Reviewed in ATM Magazine, July 09 Issue
Silkie – City Limits Vol 1 (Deep Medi Musik)
23 year old Soloman Rose is a rare breed in dubstep. A meticulous craftsman of melody and gifted with a capital G, listening to Silkie’s debut album, City Limits Vol 1, you would have laid money on this youngster being much, much older. The palate of sound used is eclectic and almost timeless: deep within its digital canvas you find a plethora of texture and layers; rich seams of reggae, jazz, soul, jungle, garage. Check Turvy for its jazz funk smoothness, the low-riding g-funk on Concrete Jungle, the broken beat swing of Horizon and Mattaz, channeling the classic West London vibe of Bugz In The Attic inna 2009 stylee.

At once refreshing, City Limits brings something unique to the dubstep genre. If you just dip a toe into the 13 tracks on offer it will sound like no other. Sure, the gargantuan basslines rumble form the speakers like slugs on steroids, but they are vibrant with funk. More importantly they underpin a lush and detailed sound panorama that can traverse from darkly hypnotic to palatial in a single tune - Head Butt Da Deck, Beauty and Quasar are perfect examples. Buy this album to truly realize the flexibility and potential of dubstep, but also buy it because it’s a bloody good listen.

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