Saturday, 8 May 2010

2nd Drop 010 - Duncan Powell - Pushing

2nd Drop Records is proud to present its tenth release!

Duncan Powell
A. Pushing
B. Pushing - Falty DL Remix

Vinyl> out Late May 2010
Digital> out mid June 2010

An underground legend with releases on MJ Cole's personal label, Profile, Reading lad Duncan Powell offers a classic slice of, as Jackmaster (Wireblock/ Numbers) described it, James Bond Step. A big string laden anthem, Pushing was originally given away as part of a free EP on Duncan's blog. But much like Ramadanman's Good Feelin record which they also saved from the same fate, 2nd Drop Records believed that it was too good to be a freebie and pressed it up onto vinyl.

A gold mine of musical elements, Pushing was ripe for the remix treatment and as Falty DL was a big fan of the original, and 2nd Drop being a big fan of him, they set him to work stripping back the cacophony of melody transforming Pushing into a dark, broken 2-step swing with flashes of vocals and strings to awesome effect.

Played and supported by Modeselektor, Peveralist, Diplo, Sinbad, Desto, Mary Anne Hobb among others.

The guest illustrator on this release is Audrey Rogers, a fine artist/ illustrator with a visual style which quickly resonated with the 2nd Drop guys and fitted nicely with the 12" format. Her excellent work can be found here

'Pushin' - Duncan Powell by 2ndDropRecords

Pushin'- FaltyDL Remix by 2ndDropRecords

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