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March/ April 08 - 3 Bar Fiya Column

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Whilst in the midst of interviewing the rusty spooned technoid infusionist 2562 in anticipation of his debut album on Tectonic, to a rather sick soundtrack (the LP sampler of Dread Techno and Enforcers - more hypnotically twisted, pulsating riddims folks!), I have been inundated with so much quality bass heavy music it’s frankly mind-boggling. Who needs the wank-glam of Miami and sweat pit of SXSW! It’s all about my internet party…hmmnn.

So, let's delve into the dark moist pit of sonic tendrils sitting in my box right now.

Stamping an Air Force One footprint firmly on the dubstep world right now is Cotti. A number of shhh bootlegs shhh, including the huge I Don’t Give A Dub has catapulted this ex grime producer into the limelight. Soul Jazz have just put out three more of his tracks on a white featuring the excellent The Search. But, it has been his collob with Doctor and Jammer that have pushed him ahead of the crowd. Calm Down ft Doctor is next level, brush ya shoulder off badness, which shows the rest of the scene that dubstep doesn’t have to be bootleg accapella rip offs.

Caspa and Rusko are busy bees. Caspa’s Ave It Vol 2 is out on limited TP at the moment, the usual blend of tomfoolery and face scrunching beats, for those that have missed, cop the finished vinyl for the top quality artwork. Wing man Rusko has just featured a mix on Mary Anne Hobbs Radio One show called Cockney Knee’s Up, featuring a slew of new riddims including the party killer Soundguy Is My Target ft Lutan Fyah (although there was word of a possible alternative vocal with Roddy Azlan, so keep em peeled).

I’ve got my mits on some brand new 12th Planet bits, including the Howard Marks toasting special Untitled 65, which aside from the celebrity endorsement is a killer slice of Future Soca dubstep. Big up to Ez E and all the Subconscious crew.

West London imprint Art Recordings are continuing to push new artists with the excellent Fused Forces and their forthcoming Safety Catch Ep with three standout tracks laced with rootical spices –Total Dub, Creation Dub and Rainforest – do the do for me.

Not sure what it is they are putting in the moonshine in Finland, but bwoy! Things are popping off. Tes La Rok’s Noppa Records is pushing some lovely sounds, none better than the superb Desto and his low slung beauty Cold, a mass of ambient flourishes and rumbling basslines. Tes is also moving away form his former aggy, ‘pint glass in the face style’ sounds, in favour of a more deep medi vibe. A good thing in my opinion. Clouds’s monumental Under the Dancing Feet is out this week on US label Argon, the biggest female vocal dubstep track yet, I can’t believe this isn’t getting playlisted on Radio One! You lazy tax payola gits!!!

A quick run through of other key releases causing heat on dubstep dancefloors, forums and radio shows right now: Vista’s Lounge Dub is a filtered mutant blend, like a NY house jazz band smacked out on gunpowder and LSD, forthcoming on 3.5 Records. Emalkay’s new 12” My Story on Boka is a rollicking beast, with a rather naughty sample that works marvellously. Moody Boyz and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry have crossed echo units for a dubstep reworking of Lee’s new material hunt this one down along with the rather bouncy remix of Erykah Badu’s promotional 7” of Honey, sweet. A quick shameless plug for 2nd Drop Records and the new single features Twisted (Dutty Dubz) and Sully Shanks on opposing sides with some rather wicked label artwork by Brum illustrator Phill Blake , go cop dat, err, as they say. The terminator like Hotflush, who keep churning out release after release every month deliver Scuba’s frankly amazing album A Mutual Antipathy out in a few days as well as the next 12” from Romania’s finest/ only dubstep export TRG who teams up with the US’s Dub-U for the crunchy Loosing Marbles which features another cerebral 2562 remix. Bad like Spam!

If the thought of dubstep anywhere but Mass, Corsica and Plastic People is like a vegetarian eating in one of London’s finest Aberdeen Steak Houses, then you may want to avoid Why Not? at Ministry of Sound on Friday 11th April for, and I quote, “Over 40 of dubstep’s finest”, you name it they’re playing. Not a pair of coke splattered sunglasses in sight….probably. Those in East Anglia, don’t forget to check out Mala (DMZ) playing at DOA , at the Mustard Lounge for a lesson in dubstep progression!. Further south is Bournemouth’s Bloc Control hosting Distance, Scuba and Scientist which is a killer line up! Northways, Futureproof fly over 2562 on 11th April for throbbing dread techno fun. Get involved!

A quick burfday shout to the lovely Kid Cazual – Happy Burfday bro! The freedom pass is only months away!

Left to right - tired Markle, Kid Cazual

Peas, Markle

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