Friday, 4 April 2008

DOA - Norwich party vibes!

Skankin crew!

It's the day after the night before, and i'm tired, hungover and still buzzin from playing at DOA, Mustard Lounge, Norwich with Mala (DMZ), Sully and Innasekt. Managed to hear my new dubs of Skream, LD, Rusko, Clouds, Twisted and Sully on a reasonably decent system, which is always a blessing. Not having to play CDs was a joy!

The venue was probably just over half full (the Easter holidays don't help these things, especially when the most open minded crowd hail from the student quarters), but the vibes were in serious quantity. Everyone there was having it. I opened with Dead Prez's Hip Hop which makes perfect sense in a dubstep set. Mala subsequently opened his set with Witness by Roots Manuva, another stone-cold bassconductor. Got a rewind standardly. Then the DMZ head honcho went deep medi and played dub after dub of his truly unique style - no one makes tunes like Mala. Fact. The subs cut out a few times from the barrage of bass - heavyweight. And the only place you are likely to hear his selection is in the dance, where it should be. Sully finished off the night showcasing his stylistic range, from the ravetastic Give Me Up to his dubstep refix of boogie classic Heartbeat. A talent to watch.

Big up to Alec DOA for inviting me to play and looking after me. Top lad with some super cool and friendly mates. And special big up to Scandal for getting out of bed to support. A double zoop straight out to you...Zoop! Zoop!


Boxed Media Group said...

like a blast!

Boxed Media Group said...

meant to say...looks like a blast!