Friday, 11 April 2008

April 08 Top Ten

What's occuring people? April is swinging with a serious selection of fiya tunes in this months top ten +1!!! Most exciting of all is that we have confirmed LD's awesome future soca dub track, Green Ranger as the flipside to his Sully 'Give Me Up' remix, which both me and JBliss are stoked about. Taking 2nd Drop off in new sonic tangents and once again proving you can't pin us down to just one sound, style or vibe, LD is a very welcome addtion to the roster and a talent on the rise, keep em peeled!

2nd Drop Music - constantly moving and evolving, always forwards, never backwards. Zoop!

LD - Green Ranger - 2nd Drop
12th Planet ft Howard Marks -Untitled 65 (Unreleased)
Sully - Make Me (Unreleased)
Pinch - Chamber Dub (Soul Jazz Promo)
2562 - new LP ;-} (ForthcomingTectonic)
23HZ & Numaestro - Fantasmas (Dub)
Bowzer & DZ - Another Day (Mugwell Bill Rekids Promo)
Ges-E & Sukh Knight - Vengeance (Unreleased)
Martyn - Stormwatch (Forthcoming Revole:r)
Benga & Walsh - Addicts (Texture)

Special request non-dubstep killer
Sharon Brown - I Specialize in Love (Profile/ Virgin)
A disco/ boogie classic from 1981, killer piano stabs and a vocal that is soooo good, well, I would devote my life to the women if she were still with us (fact check: make sure she's dead first, apologies Sharon if you're not) Big tune!

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daniels said...

Big up for the LD releases! Serious. -fooishbar