Saturday, 5 July 2008

July Tippity Top Ten

^^2nd Drop 004 at the top of the pops!^^

July Top ten

Migrant - Duende (Forthcoming 2nd Drop)
JKenzo - Conqueror (?)
Coki - Bloodthirst (Forthcoming Sub Freq
Unknown - Murderation (forthcoming ?)
LD - Green Ranger (Forthcoming 2nd Drop)
The Bug ft Flowdan - Warning (Forthcoming Ninja Tune)
Alien Pimp - Transporter (Unreleased)
23Hz & Numaestro - Zumo (Forthcoming 2nd Drop)
Overcast Radio - Solid State (Unreleased)
Shortstuff - Trigger (Unreleased)

Non dubstep special:
Bullion - Get familiar (One Handed Music)

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