Saturday, 19 July 2008

Markle on Sub FM - 15 July Show

This show was dedicated to The Big Dirty Crew: Seeds, Verity and Adamn Noise.

Seeds and Me

The Big Dirty reprobates: Reso, Ramadanman, (random arm man) & Dead-O (Clouds)

Post rave: the classic - socks over the hotel fire alarm....Ninja Smoking!

Markle – Sub FM – 15/07/08

The Detroit Experiment – Space Odyssey (Planet E)
Bullion – Get Familiar (One Handed Music)
T La Rock – It’s Yours (Partytime)
Skitz ft Rodney P, Skinny Man, Wildflower, Riddla & Prime Cuts - Twilight of the Gods (Source)
Rawcotiks – Hardcore Hip Hop – DJ Premier mix (Freeze)
N.E.R.D. – Everybody Nose (Star Tack)
Ragga Twins – Juggling (Shut Up and Dance)
Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows (Ram)
Alborosie – Sound Killa (Forward)
Matty G –Last B Boy (Forthcoming Argon)
Graphic ft Beans – I Am Metal (Forthcoming Offshore)
XI – Ronin (Unreleased)
Unitz – Morning Subs (Forthcoming Dub Police)
Migrant – No Name (Unreleased)
Relocate – Too Moody To Swing (Iberian)
Martyn & Marcus Intalex – After Seven (Forthcoming Revolv:er)
Tes la Rok - ? (Unreleased)
J:Kenzo – Conqueror (Forthcoming 2nd Drop)
Tes La Rok – Living Fire (Forthcoming Dub Police)
Dusk + Blackdown – Focus (Forthcoming Keysound)
Full Spectrum – Funky Monkey (Unreleased)
Matty G – Cuttin and Scratchin (Forthcoming Argon)
I Roy – Every Mouth Must Be Fed (Pressure Sounds)
Alborosie – Sound Killa Version (Forward)

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